I absolutely love portrait photography! As a young high school photography student and photographer for the school newspaper, It was exciting to capture important moments that would eventually become memories for many people.  Photography has always been a passion of mine and now it's what I do for a living.  During my time living in Gallarate, Italy, you would find me walking the streets with a camera taking pictures of people, places and things...basically any and everything that was fascinating to me.  


Fast forward fifteen years and I still have the same two passions...people and photography.  In January 2019, my business partner and I opened depot street studios in Youngwood, PA.  The studio houses three photography companies including Ed Jenkins Photography, Mark Levander Productions and Shadows Boudoir.   Our goal in the studio is to create high end luxury photography centered around people, their lives and passions.   


I was recently asked "what sets Ed Jenkins Photography apart from all the others?"  At first I wasn't sure.  As I continued to ponder the question it became very clear to me.  I'm a "people person" and have an innate ability to connect with friends, family, strangers on a level beyond a simple greeting.  Couple that with the technical ability to create impactful images and you get one awesome portrait photographer! (IMHO of course...)