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What your senior portrait says about you

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

How your senior portraits can present the image you need to gain the opportunities you want.

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How are you marketing yourself?

Graduation day is on the horizon and your about to embark on a new adventure in life. Having a professional portfolio or brand to carry with you into your new adventure is a great way to present yourself for internship opportunities, social networking groups, even prospective employers. Today, more than ever, we are connected through digital and social media. People form opinions of us based on what they see...even before they speak to us. "People only know what they see." This is a true statement and the best reason why your senior portrait photography session should reflect your personal brand values.

A look at Morgan's recent senior portrait session

When we look at the images below, notice three key elements:

  • Genuine and effortless smile. A relaxed look and nice smile says you're engaging and easy to work with.

  • Stay classy! Everyone likes styles and trends...they keep us current and relevant. Your senior session should reflect your personal tastes and also be met with a certain level of class. First impression!

  • Have a great attitude! When you're having fun, it shows in portraits. Before your portrait session, do things that put you in a good mood. For example, listen to your favorite music, have a phone call with that friend who always makes you laugh.

Embrace these three key elements and apply them in your senior portrait session and you'll not only have a successful photo shoot but impress your friends, family and potential employers.

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