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5 Tips to ensure great photos on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is a happy occasion and one of the most important days of your life. Once the day has passed, it's heartwarming to break out your wedding photos and look back on the memories of the day. Here are a few tips for couples to ensure you get great photos on your wedding day.

1. Wedding Day Timeline - It's important to work with your wedding photographer during the pre-wedding consultation to build a photography timeline that flows with the events of the day. Your photographer should assist with allocating the proper amount of time for pictures throughout the day including "getting ready" pictures, family formals, and ultimately pictures with the couple during that time between the ceremony and reception. A well constructed timeline will help reduce your stress on wedding day and ensure the photographer has enough time to get the photos you want.

2. Sun Not Spray - Having the perfect tan can look great on wedding day! If you want to tan, doing it naturally or at the tanning bed will yield the best results for your wedding photographs. Be aware of any tan lines that may show while in your wedding dress. Avoid spray tanning at all costs. Even the most evenly applied spray tan will give you an awkward orange glow that your photographer will not be able to edit in post production.

3. Hire a Professional Make up Artist! - A professional make up artist will enhance your beauty and know exactly what products will photograph smoothly with your skin type. As the bride, it is important to have your hair and make up done first. This way you can relax and have plenty of time for prep pics with your photographer while the bridesmaids are getting ready. Having your hair/make up done last may cause added stress and unnecessary rushing.

4. Wear Comfy Shoes - We know it's all about the shoes but have a pair of comfy flats to wear during pre-ceremony pictures. Most traditional wedding dresses cover the shoes and walking from location to location in those high priced heels can quickly become uncomfortable. Other than a few signature shoe shots...save those louboutin's for the ceremony!

5. See The Light! - Great photography is about light not location. While it may seem like a great idea to get pictures under the gazebo or by the oak tree, flattering light is the secret to amazing wedding pictures. If indoors, large windows or open doorways can be a great source of ambient light to produce elegant images. Outdoors, dealing with the sun can be tricky. Your photographer will work with you to find the best scenario using the sunlight to his/her advantage. Of course, if you can sneak away for a few shots just before sunset or at golden hour, that will make for beautiful images in your wedding album!

I always recommend developing a shared pinterest board with your photographer to establish ideas and your vision for wedding day photography. Just keep in mind, your photographer is the professional and is responsible for capturing those memorable moments throughout your special day! Allow them to use their creativity and artistic eye to provide you the best wedding photographs that you'll be excited to see and share with family and friends for years to come.

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