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4 Tips to great wedding day make up from Master makeup artist Morgan Wilks!

Every bride wants to look elegant and stunning on their wedding day. Now that the gorgeous dress and accessories have been chosen, your hair is perfectly in place, the only thing left to complete the glam experience is your make up. Exceptional wedding day make up is just as important to your overall look as the shoes and jewelry you choose to accessorize the dress. For this blog post we reached out to master make up artist Morgan Wilks, owner of Lipstick & Lashes, for a few helpful tips to ensure your wedding day make up is on "fleek." In addition to making brides beautiful through her company Lipstick & Lashes, Morgan can be found managing a local Sephora in Pittsburgh, PA market. Let's take a look at Morgan's advice...

1. Try before you buy - Schedule a test run with your make up artist a couple weeks ahead of wedding day. Morgan says "Don't wait for the day of your wedding to experiment with glitter eyeshadow or a red lip, especially if you don't usually wear a lot of make up."

2. Go Glam! - Don't be afraid to let your make up artist glam you up! Your wedding day is all about you and Morgan says "this is the day to pamper yourself and do a little more than usual when it comes to your make up."

3. Be a blank slate - In our conversation with Morgan, she emphasizes you should "never underestimate the importance of good skincare leading up to the big day." She believes a good canvas makes for the best makeup application!

4. Smile & Soak it all in - Don't forget to smile. All eyes will be on you and your beauty will radiate throughout wedding day. Along with your wardrobe, "professional make up will having you feeling and looking like the best version of yourself."

Huge thanks to Morgan Wilks from Lipstick & Lashes for these great tips to ensure your wedding day make up experience is glam and successful! To book Morgan for your wedding, visit Lipstick & Lashes on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lipstickandlashesbeauty

Drop a comment and leave us some of your helpful tips for great wedding day make up!

Morgan Wilks - Master make up artist and owner of Lipstick & Lashes

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